Air Solutions – Full Vehicle Wrap 

Vehicle wraps are a wonderful way to advertise your business and create a mobile billboard for your company. A vehicle wrap, also known as wrap advertising, is composed of large vinyl sheets that can be later removed with relative ease. Vehicles with large flat surfaces are often used for this form of advertising for it drastically reduces the costs associated with changing advertisements (such as light-rail and buses). Automobiles are often used for vinyl wrapping since the vinyl can adhere to curved surfaces effectively. This product is a high-quality print material that can be molded to almost any and every part of a vehicle. The decals can also be placed on the side of the windows, and typically are made of perforated material so that it is possible for passengers to still see outside.  

Our client, Air Solutions, is a full-service residential and commercial heating and cooling company. We finished their van, which incorporate a large version of their logo and a blue print of an HVAC system in the background. Rae dropped off the first van, and our production manager Vern and his son Andrew, got the project finished over the weekend to make sure our client had it that Monday. It came out great, and has been a pride and joy over at Air Solutions, that they have already requested more wraps for their vans and truck.

With any service vehicle, it is important to have a professional appearance on any work site.  A vehicle wrap is a great way to provide contact information and showcase your brand within the community. The vinyl will last years if it is made of a high quality material. If the expectation is for this advertising to last only a few months, a more cost effective material can be used. Either way, wrap advertising is a great way to advertise your vehicle or fleet.