It’s the first day of school! Parents are relieved that their sons and/or daughters are back in school.  The children are equally excited to getting back to school and seeing their friends again.  Don’t turn all this excitement into a frustration due to poor directional signage at the school. We may not think about it at the time, but signage for navigating a parking lot full of buses, parents, and children is crucial. Not to mention the signage inside the school directing everyone to their proper destination.  If you’re a parent or a faculty member – signage is a vital part of your navigation in any facility, and here are a few tips in improving navigation:


Can you see the school from the main crossroad?

First tip – is the directional signage easy to read from the main road? Every school campus has a prominent road for entrance to the main administrative office. If there is a lack of signage, or if it’s not visible, or the signage is tarnished from age then new signage is recommended.   Or you might consider some extra temporary signage, such as a banner, during that first week to help reduce the parents and students stress levels.


Can you find the admissions office?

New parents are unfamiliar with your campus and need to find the admissions office. That’s great! Can they easily find it? Wayfinding signs and accessible directories are important for locating classrooms, administrative offices, and even recommended parking lots for pick-up. It can be extraordinarily frustrating for a parent who has to call the office to get directions.


Do you have a directory or campus map?

A directory for your campus is a great way to provide direction to main buildings. Also be sure to keep the map and exterior signage simple and easy to read. Most signage outside of a school will be dictated by the amount of room the city will allow. A directory with simple guidelines and colors can really help complement your directional signage.


Final Thought!

The best type of signage, whether it’s for the interior of your school or the exterior, the sign should be integrated with the building’s façade. You want your signs to be incorporated with the campus’s abeyance while simultaneously being instructional. Whether the campus is in a city or rural – you need signage that reflects its location.


We always create high quality signage that provides an informative route for your parents and students, but also showcases the school’s spirit. Contact us today, and we will help you choose the best signage for your school! We are available in Renton, Kent, Seattle, Maple Valley, Covington, and all surrounding areas of King County here in Washington. Please give us a call at (253)243 – 7777 or shoot us an email at