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Lobby signs are the first thing people see when they walk into your business and the last thing before they leave. You want to set the tone for their experience.

Your visitors should feel welcomed. You don’t want anyone to feel turned away because they are confused as to whether they’re in the right place or not. Integrating your logo into your wall sign will clear up any confusion, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be creative. You should think of your signage as a piece of art drawing your customers in.

Don’t forget to think about placement. It’s important that your sign stands out and does not get lost in a cluttered space. The best location for your sign might even be at your feet! Floor graphics are gaining in popularity as they can be delightful surprise, especially for those who are just walking by.


Spread Solidarity Amongst Employees

Fashioning your reception space is as important for your customers as it is for your staff members. After all, they are the ones that come to work day in and day out. A sign that reflects your business gives them a sense of unity and confidence in the work they do for your company.

If you have a big wall, you might want to consider designing a mural or wall graphics instead. They’re big, bright, and fun! Furthermore, it’s an easy way to create a visual representation of your company culture and values.

Not to mention, if you have multiple locations, a similar signage theme could tie all your offices together.


Reinforce Brand Identity
Planewear - Style is in the AirSignage and brand identity go hand in hand. Customers should recognize who you are and what you represent from your signs. For the best results, there should be consistency from your website to your flyers, emails, and workplace, which is why having lobby signage is so important.

Plus, no matter what the size of your business is, a custom sign indicates that you are a professional. And if that sign is also well-made, it reassures your customers that you are the right person to do business with. Have you been to an establishment with worn-out signs or outdated graphics? Did you stick around?

Planewear - Lobby SignShine On Signs and Graphics uses the latest technologies and methods for creating memorable signs that reflect exactly the kind of business you want to portray. Our experts will discuss size, color, lighting, and possible materials that make sense for your business and “wow” your customers.




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