Every now and then it’s good practice to pause for a moment and look at your signs. We’ve all been there – taking care of the other thousand things that occupy our day –  and we often overlook things what may need some TLC, like your business signage. So, here are a few of the signs that signal it’s time for a new sign!

All Washed Up and Bentall_washed_up_and_bent
That exterior sign you installed when you first moved in – sharp, bright, and full of life. Well after years of weather abuse (you know what we’re talking about, Seattle!), the color and life may start to fade. Even the best signs can look a little washed up and could use a breath of fresh air. Give your business a new exterior sign to make sure you are putting your best foot forward!

Font Failure
font_failureVinyl letters applied to a substrate like acrylic or foam board is a staple of the sign world. Many businesses use this type of sign to convey information to their customers. Be careful, though, as time passes these letters may start to peel, fall off, and just look…bad. Which means it’s definitely time for a new sign, but make sure you get one that uses the highest quality vinyl and printing materials to avoid future problems.

Crack AttackCrack Attack
Hot days, cold nights = expanding and contracting. This is a day in the life of a window decal or graphic. If not made of the best materials, and not changed after a few years, it may crack under all that stress. Cracked lettering and graphics look unprofessional and tacky. Window lettering is one of the easiest and cost-effective sign options. Don’t let your windows suffer from cracked signs.

Curl up and die
Sometimes the lettering on windows gets so bad from the temperature changes that they do what we like to call “curl up and die.” Just look at the guitar shop pictured below – the lettering is doing just that! Again, making sure you use high-quality material will help prevent or, at least, delay your sign decay.curl_up_and_die

Wincel Stencil
Wincel StencilHave you ever seen a sign on a door that has been stenciled? That just makes us wince! Stenciling is great if you are in High School making a poster project for a class or sporting event. Stenciling is terrible if you are making a sign for a business. Look around and see if you see any. Find one? Then it’s time to upgrade to a professional vinyl sign. There are various options to take your sign to the next level, but still can be cost effective. Talk to a Shine On Signs rep for help choosing the right one.

These are just a few of the sign types that we see around town. We get it, there is a myriad of things to think about with running a business, but don’t let your signage fall by the wayside. Every now and then, take a second to look at all the signs in your building (window graphic, wall murals, banners, directional signs) and see if all of them meet your standards for business. If they don’t, then maybe it’s a sign that you need a new sign!