Blank wall

Boring and uninspiring wall

You can say it—work is stressful! All that number crunching, problem-solving, and dealing with office drama gets tiring. Sometimes my mind is overwhelmed with all the to-dos, should-dos, and would-dos that I just need a break! A “mind vacation” if you will.

Low and behold, I found the best solution: a full-size wall mural. I sat there one day looking at the blank wall that sits behind my desk, just trying to zone out and refocus for a minute. That’s when I decided, why look at a blank wall on my “vacation” when I could be transported to someplace far more serene?

Creating muralSo we printed up a full-size waterfall scene, applied it to the wall behind my desk, and now when the stress of the job gets to me, I just spin around to recapture my focus and energy for a few minutes, then get back to work feeling refreshed—more productive than ever!

This is just one great uses of a wall mural. Wall coverings and murals are a perfect sign choice whenever you have a large unused wall that you want to put to use. Maybe it’s directional, informative, instructional, or just decorative. Any way you go, wall murals are a great option to get the most out of your unused space. Used creatively and intelligently, they can make all the difference for your employees and clients.

Talk to a Shine On team member for help planning your wall mural. We can work around or hide objects that stick out of the wall such as light switches, electrical boxes, or panels. Using our high-quality vinyl and state-of-the-art printing, we will create a mural that is sure to impress!