SM-Alpha-promoIt’s not too difficult to realize how important a great outdoor building sign can be for your business.  Often it’s the first thing any potential customer (or current customer) will see when they come near your business. It not only identifies your company, but makes a statement about your brand and who you are, and you want that statement to be a good one.

According to the International Sign Association, in a study that surveyed businesses that were a year or less old, shoppers were asked basic questions about the business. When asked how they learned about the business, half of those asked said it was due to the on-premise sign. This beat out any other reason that was possible, including word of mouth. This alone packs quite a punch: signs matter. People will look at your building sign and make the initial decision on whether or not to shop at your business based off that sign alone.

Large Monument Sign 2Research indicates that 85% of your customers live or work within a five-mile radius of your business, further emphasizing the importance of good outdoor signage. These people see your sign and decide whether or not to walk through your doors. As a business, your goal is to make money, and people coming through your door is how you achieve that. Quality signage is the key. 

So what should you focus on? Your building sign should attract people to come through your doors, create a clear brand for your business and encourage sales. People are too busy to do too much comparison shopping and often look for the first option that fills their needs. Your sign should send that message out, driving customers to your business.

Make sure your outdoor building sign is large enough for the majority of traffic, be it foot or road traffic, to see and read as they travel by.  Watch out for permitting and code requirements though (Shine On can help with that).  Colors should be bright, attractive, but easy to read.  A good design with effective colors will go a long way to entice business.  As for your sign type, building signs come in a variety of styles, materials, and lighting options.  Here are just a few:

Raceway signs Channel letters (illuminated or non-illuminated) Punched Metal
Awning Signs Engraved, Etched, or Sand Blasted Signs Blade Signs
Neon Sign 3 Sample Outdoor Sign IMG_0908 sm
wellness HD_Wor_P1010001b P1011501_full
Auburn Kent RV 2x8 Wall sign Flour Co large Hollywood_Plaza_-_Bend,_Oregon_fs


Shine On Signs can help you to create an impactful sign that will guide your business in the best direction, creating a clear and cohesive brand and helping push new business to increase your clientele, and therefore your revenue.  Let us help you design, create, and install the perfect building sign for you. 

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