Companies looking to create effective communication in a cost-effective manner can benefit from choosing to use an A-frame sign. The A-frame is a beneficial marketing tool that can target local customers and help them identify and find your business with more ease. These durable signs are weather resistant and easy to set up, making them a great investment for your business.

The A-frame board, also known as a sidewalk sign, display board, or sandwich board, allows your customized image or message to be displayed on both sides of the sign. With its simple freestanding design, the A-frame sign is a portable and easy to use marketing medium. The ease of setting up these signs and folding them down, makes them the perfect marketing tool for trade shows and conventions to provide information or direct traffic to your booth.

These signs can also help increase visibility for businesses that might be difficult to see from the main roads. Not every business is lucky enough to be visible from the main road which can make finding a business location difficult if the complex is large. An A-frame sign can solve this problem by acting as a directional sign to notify customers of the business location. These signs can be placed outside during business hours near the main roads to direct customers to your business. Including an A-frame outside your business can also lead to an increase foot traffic by increasing local awareness. A-frames placed outside can help display pertinent business information including, hours, contact information, or directions.

If your business is looking for an easy to use marketing medium, A-frame boards are a cost-effective solution to marketing as they are inexpensive, customizable and can be used time and time again to promote events, sale items, increase foot traffic, and encourage brand development.