Decorative fluorescent light covers add a unique and interesting take on traditional fluorescent lights. Instead of looking up to see a white plain cover, why not look up and see a starry night sky or a breezy ocean scene? With the ability to place any image on the light covers, fluorescent light covers are the perfect canvas for creating high-resolution artwork that can provide a new welcoming atmosphere in your office, salon, home, and more.


Decorative light covers not only have endless pattern and design options, but can be used in a large variety of settings. Medical practitioners and dentists find these decorative light covers create a beautiful scene for their patients and can provide a calming effect. Business offices looking to liven up an office can create a fun working environment by installing new decorative light covers. These light covers are also a perfect solution for offices with little natural light or small windows. By utilizing the blank florescent light cover, we can create an outdoor forest, beach, or mountain scene and improve your office’s appearance.

Fluorescent light covers are a great investment to create a personalized space. Homeowners who have been looking for a solution to update their fluorescent kitchen lighting will find it cost effective to install a decorative fluorescent light covers. Fluorescent lighting within a home can seem too bright or harsh and replacing fluorescent drop light fixtures can be expensive and time-consuming. By simply adding a decorative light cover, you can improve your kitchen aesthetic and help increase the value of your kitchen. These decorative light panels can be used to help diffuse the bright light of a fluorescent and make the light more appealing to the eye.

Our decorative light covers are created using either polycarbonate or acrylic. While both materials work well for a decorative light cover, polycarbonate offers an additional durability by being shatter resistant. If you would like to learn more about how decorative light covers can improve your business or home, call us at (253)243-7777!