Up here in the Seattle area, we are fortunate boating season is 365 days long.  You can’t go very far without seeing someone with a boat. There are three main types of boat owners, and all three can benefit from vinyl boat wraps.  Let’s take a look to see how a premium wrap might help you with your boat.  

Boat GraphicBoat Owner 1: Recreational Personal Boat

This group is the most diverse.  These are the individuals (or families) who saved up some money to invest in a boat for recreational use. Whether it’s a fishing boat, pontoon boat, muscle boat, sail boat, or even a yacht, this was a significant investment.  Why this matters? Because most of the time, these owners aren’t going to buy a new boat when it starts wearing down. That’s where a vinyl boat wrap comes into play.  Not only does the wrap protect the boat, but it gives the owners a way to update and refresh the look, without having to reinvest in a new boat.  Plus, they get the added benefit of customization both in design and color- limited only by imagination.  

Boat Owner 2: Professional Fisherman and Sporting Boats

These are guys and gals we see on TV all the time- trolling the lakes and oceans, catching fish or speeding through the water.   Sport fishermen are often required to have their boats wrapped for competitions, as are speedboat competitors.  These wraps, often designed with exciting and eye-catching graphics, are vehicles for sponsor logos, which may change over time.  Wrapping competition boats is not only beneficial for the boat, but required by competition rules.  So for those out there aspiring to get in the game- time to wrap your boat!

Boat Owner 3: Companies, Charters, and Businessesboat-wraps

The last group, and often with the biggest boats, are the professional businesses.  These are the multi-boat companies with brands, services, and products to offer.  Similar to fleet graphics on the road, we can apply a custom solution to a marine fleet as well.  Whether it’s a charter fishing business, a whale watching company, or a passenger boat service (think Victoria Clipper), vinyl wraps serve to market the brand, product, and service. If you are in the marine business, consider having your boat fleet wrapped, or updated with new custom boat wraps.

matching vehicle and boat wrapBonus Group: Non-boat Marine Vessels

I would be remiss if I did not mention all the other applications of vinyl wraps in (and out) the water.  Jet skis, kayaks,  boat trailers, lifeboats, dinghies, rowboats, barges, paddle-boats, you get the picture.  The high-quality vinyl material used at Shine On Signs can add durability, customization, marketing opportunities, or just new life into an old vessel.  We can wrap almost any type of watercraft, so contact Shine On for a free proposal.

Want to learn more about the material, process, and application of vinyl wraps to boats?  Check out our blog on Marine Wraps 101.  We cover the how and why of boat wraps.

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