We hear so much about custom vehicle wraps that we tend to overlook what truly “custom” is!   For the majority of vehicle graphics being applied for business and individuals alike, the custom portion comes from the design it’s self- the part our expert design team creates for you.  Although in truth this is customized for your needs, it’s not a truly and wholely custom wrap because (shhh – trade secret here) we have a whole database of templates for thousands of vehicle makes, models, styles, sizes, shapes, and years.  This is great for 90% of our clients because it facilitates a faster and accurate design to get you up and running in no time.  But what happens when you happen to have one of those rare vehicles that we don’t have a template for? CUSTOM WRAP TIME! (the tiny car at the top had no template- it’s a toy car we wrapped to take to trade shows)!

How to know if you need a custom wrap template:

First off, when you approach us to wrap a vehicle, we ask for the make, model and year.  Once we have that, assuming no special modifications were made to the vehicle, we check our database and move forward.  Certain situations tend to come up empty in the template catalog:

  1. 1937 Ford #HawkmobileIf your vehicle is a much older year (make and model), there might not be a template available- think pre-1995.  This would clearly apply to some classic cars as well (matte black vinyl wrap is a common application for those).
  2. Sport packages with special additions like spoilers are sometimes not accounted for by the standard template.  
  3. Modified vehicles for any purpose.  One that comes to mind is the new Dominos Pizza Truck/Car with the warming oven that has been advertised all over the TV lately.  We don’t have that in our standard templates, but we can make it work!

If you wind up needing a custom template, don’t worry!  We may just need to see the vehicle a few days earlier than expected to measure all the nooks and crannies, and get all the dimensions right for the design.  We can give a proposal based on similar and expected time and material and then start on the design.  From there we have our very own template for your specific vehicle should you ever decide to change it, or perhaps it’s a whole fleet.  Whatever the case, we can get you a truly custom, top to bottom, design and wrap.

Contact a Shine On Signs team member to find out if your vehicle needs a custom template to go with your custom design.  We’ll be happy to get you a free proposal and get started on your project as soon as we can!  In the meantime, be sure to stop by the gallery to see some cool custom projects we’ve done.