Custom fabric signs could become a staple of your business signage, and for good reason.  The versatility and relatively inexpensive cost compared to other sign types give you many options for how to use them. Here are just some of the many many ways you can incorporate fabric signs into your company’s marketing, branding, and sales!

Sales, Promos, and Special Events

Annual sales, promotions and special events are often promoted with hanging banners and window graphics.  A well-placed banner, whether in a window, along a wall, between trees, or even across a roadway, can make all the difference and look great for your company.

Signs and Displays with Photographs

Because of the high-quality printing directly onto tightly woven fabric, fabric signs provide a rich and color accurate recreation of photographs, not seen on other sign types.  When your company is looking to display a photograph (of a product for example), using fabric will surely make the sign stand out, catch your customer’s eye, and leave a lasting impression.

fabric signTradeshows, Meetings, Corporate Events

Fabric signs are lightweight and portable making them well suited for transport to trade shows.  Used in retractable banner stands, as part of pop-up booths, and as hanging banners, the high-quality durable fabric makes them the go-to option for these events.  Tradeshow displays come in all shapes, sizes, and configurations, and fabric can be used for all of them- even including the table throw.  

Wall Displays, Announcements, and Decor

Sometimes it’s not just about sales and promotions.  Sometimes you are just looking to add some brand imagery or decoration to a space.  In place of the ever amazing wall mural, using fabric signs can really elevate a space.  Churches use them to display words of wisdom, verses, or announcements.  Decorative and Logo’d fabric signs can be used for a touch of color.  In schools and sports, fabric banners can be used for display school colors and mascots.

These are just some of the many uses for fabric signs in businesses.  Even if you aren’t looking for company use, the applications can be used personally as well (maybe a birthday party or wedding).  Our custom fabric signs are printed on 100% polyester fabric that is washable and wrinkle free.  We can design them to fit any space and any need, with hanging applications such as grommets or pole pockets.  Beautiful high-quality printing gives them a long life and lasting impression for your clients.  Contact Shine On Signs for a free proposal on how to put fabric to use for your business.  

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