“Americans spend nearly 20 hours in their cars per week and travel more than 200 miles” according to a car study published by Arbitron National. For a business with fleet vehicles, the time spent in the car traveling can create a perfect marketing opportunity. Business fleet graphics can turn any traffic jam into a chance to marketing your business and increase brand exposure.

We recently had the chance to install fleet graphics for the local company United Pest Solutions. The company services expand through the Seattle, Everett, and Tacoma areas, giving them the opportunity to advertise to a large area. From their website “We are a leader in the pest control industry because we are knowledgeable about pests’ habits and biology. Our expertise enables us to develop the most effective treatment programs, use the most cutting-edge technology to combat pest problems, have the best training in the industry, and offer the best guarantees in the industry.”

The vehicles we installed graphics on ranged from trucks to transits. With a variety of company vehicles, it was important each graphics had the perfect fit. Our graphics are custom created and sized for each vehicle make and model using a template with accurate measurements. The template ensures each graphics fits correctly on the vehicle and has the most visually appealing look. With their new fleet graphics installed United Pest Solutions  can now    reach a large audience that they might not have been able to reach using traditional marketing tools.

If your business is looking to add graphics or a wrap to one vehicle or even a full fleet, Shine On Signs and Graphics can help you find a design that will fit all of your business needs. Call us at 253-243-7777 and talk to one of our knowledgeable staff or send us an email and we can begin turning your vision into a reality.