Frosted windows are a decorative look that can be placed on virtually any window to give an office or a building a professional look. While frosted windows look appealing, they can also provide a variety of benefits for employees and customers. While large glass windows in a business can create an open feel and look in the work environment, employees might find it distracting at times. Frosted windows can block out just enough to keep employees on task as well as provide them privacy. A great benefit from the additional privacy is an increase in employee productivity. Our dusted vinyl can be die-cut to create a personalized or professional appearance sure to impress your customers with your name and logo. Our most recent dusted vinyl project has all of these elements and showcases the many benefits of choosing a frosted window look for your business.

SCI Solutions in Seattle recently relocated to a new building. Their new location features bright offices with glass doors easy to see into. Our team at Shine On Signs and Graphics worked with SCI Solutions to install a dusted vinyl that would provide just enough privacy and still lets plenty of natural light through. Each door was also die-cut to include the name of the office in the top corner. Not only do the new vinyl graphics look clean and professional, but they also let clients or customers know the name of the room for meetings.

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