Sandblasted signs have an artistic aesthetic with their dimension and ability to customize paint colors. The sign we crafted and installed for Sunset View Condominiums in Renton has a timeless look and gave us the perfect opportunity to show off our sandblasted design capabilities.

A sandblasted sign has the look and appeal of a rustic hand-crafted sign. The individual grooves from the sandblasting add an intricate layer of design giving your sign dimensionality. The finished product compliments from Sunset View Condominiums was created using a 1 ¾” thick wood. The sign was also painted by using our color-matching abilities to compliment and match the condo’s branding.

Each sign is a piece of art that is handcrafted to fit the individual style and design. We begin the process by using a sign blank, which is a blank piece of wood in the shape of your designed sign. Each sign blank has been specially treated to prevent warping.

To create a finished product similar to Sunset View Condominiums, we use a sandblaster to remove layers of wood and create a dimensional sign. A rubber mask, similar to a stencil, is placed on the blank and prevents the sand from penetrating the area that is covered. Once it is in place your business’s unique design or logo is blasted into the sand by using a high powered sandblaster. This technique leaves a raised area for your letters, logo, or contact information. The rubber mask is then removed to reveal your new sign and your sign is primed and finished.

If your company is looking for a dimensional outdoor or indoor sign and is interested in our sandblasted signs, contact us today and we can create a customized sign package. Our dedicated staff can be reached by phone at 253-243-7777, or simply fill out our quick and simple quote request form online.