At Shine On Signs we have constructed our fair share of banners and have found there are a few essential things to keep in mind when looking to create a successful banner.

  1. Indoor or outdoor- Banners can be used for either indoor or outdoor. While they can be used interchangeably, outdoor banners are often seen in passing which means the message will need to be quick and clear. Indoor banners allow customers more time to read your message and give you more room in the design process as we will discuss later in the design process step.
  2. Mounting- Once you have decided on your location, the next step in choosing the right banner is measuring the area it will be hanging and decide how it will be mounted. Grommets can be placed on each edge of the banner or just on one side depending on your mounting needs. If a banner is unable to be hung by grommets or if you would like to place it near a busy street, we recommend a banner stand. Banner stands will hold your banner and make it easy to take your message anywhere with soft ground. Your banner should be easy to see without other objects obstructing its view.
  3. Design- You company might have a lot they want to convey on the banner but we have found the most successful banners are the ones that keep things simple. Using too many fonts or pictures can clutter your banner and make it difficult for your customers to take away your message. Choosing a font size that is large enough and easy to read will make your message clear. Our designers will also work with you to use the best colors to compliment your business and create a visually stunning display.

We work with you through each step to ensure the banner you receive meets your advertising and business needs. If you are ready to receive a banner quote, contact us today at 253.243.7777, by email at, or fill out our quick survey and someone will contact you to begin your banner today.