From time to time your business sign might need small repairs, but other times you might find yourself with a mangled sign after a large vehicle backs into it. The latter is exactly what happened to Labor Maid’s sign in Renton. Their sign is located over 10 feet off the ground and even though the sign was located up high, a large truck managed to back directly into the center of the sign and cause massive damage.

Labor Maids needed a quick repair to get their large sign back up and running. The 15-foot wide sign is important for the business as it attracts customers and lets them know where their business is located. Our team conducted a site survey to assess the damage and make recommendations for a repair. Luckily part of the sign was able to be salvaged and didn’t require a full replacement.

Our team went to work to rebuild part of the sign cabinet and also constructed a whole new sign face using white polycarbonate. Our designers work with Labor Maids to update the branding on their sign. Once a design was decided on we applied the vinyl graphics with a matte overlaminate directly onto polycarbonate. Adding a laminate will help protect the new graphics from the elements and keep the colors and sign looking new. The new sign shines brighter than before and now stands out among the other business signs.

When damage occurs to your sign, don’t hesitate to contact the Shine On Signs team. We have repaired signs in every condition and are confident we can restore or replace your sign and keep you shining on. To schedule a site survey or inquire about sign repair pricing, contact one of our dedicated staff by phone at 253.243.7777 email at or fill out our quick and easy information request form HERE!