Are you looking for an adventure where you and your friends will need to escape from twenty thousand leagues, or maybe you want to join a team of detectives to solve a Hollywoodland mystery? Puzzle Break in Seattle offers a unique experience where people can come together to solve mysteries or escape from deep space. Their exciting business offers regularly scheduled games on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, and private events at custom times during the week.
Providing such an unforgettable experience is no easy feat, and each room is elaborately decorated to match the game theme. When we were contacted to create a custom designed sign for Puzzle Break, it was clear this fun business would need an equally unique sign.

To produce their sign we used our router to create the company’s name and logo from brushed aluminum. Individual puzzle pieces were also routed out of the brushed metal to be placed throughout the sign and continue the company’s branding. The brushed metal has an appealing contrast against the wood pieces used for the sign. A wood backer panel was then installed to allow the sign to be mounted safely and securely. The finished sign sits nicely under a glowing light and catches the eye of customers. Watch our short video for a closer look at the routing and installation process.

Check out the Games page on Puzzle Break’s website for more information on our current rooms, or the Team Building Events page for more information about scheduling private or weekday games for any number of players.

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