This article will help you determine the correct gooseneck lamps based on your building style, sign location, and overall sign size. Make sure that you have researched the site location to know the overall size of the wall where both the sign and the lamps will be mounted.  It is critical to understand the sign placement on the wall as this will play a large role in the type of shades and mounting structures that you can use. Details to be covered: shade options, mounting types, finishing, accessories, lamping, and bulb selection.  As you can see we can customize the gooseneck lights to fit any style and sign style. The options below are for outdoor use.

Shade Options

Shade choices are predominately for design and aesthetic purposes, although some styles work better than others depending on the type of sign and the location of the sign on the wall.  Below are some popular shades and the characteristics of each style.

  • Angle:
    • Best for outdoor signs and awnings
    • Casts directional, focused light on large areas
    • Modern appeal
    • Sizes: 7”, 10”, 12”

  • Emblem:
    • Great option for lighting outdoor signs
    • Cast a broad directional light on the sign
    • The Curved style makes for a classic look
    • Sizes: 7”, 10”, 12”

  • Barn light:
    • Ideal for heavily trafficked outdoor areas.
    • Non-directional, making illumination of signs a challenge
    • Cast guards and vapor jars are recommended
    • Sizes: 12”, 16”, 18”
  • Bullet:
    • Great for lighting smaller compact signs and menu boards
    • Typically used with blade or perpendicular signs
    • Lighting is very focused, directional
    • Popular with sleek, minimalistic styles
    • Single or double lamps per post


  • Warehouse:
    • Ideal shade for monument signs, storefronts, and commercial exteriors
    • Large shape provides a broad and ample down cast
    • Need to use cast guards and vapor jars to protect bulbs from breakage and to diffuse the light
    • Popular with warehouse / industrial type signs.
    • Sizes: 12”, 14”, 16”



Mounting Options

Your building and sign style will play a large role in the type of mounting required for your gooseneck lamps.  Clearance is the biggest consideration when choosing a mounting option.  Do you have clearance between the roof line and your sign?  Do the lamps have to mount on the roof or parapet?  Different gooseneck arm options offer different solutions for your space. Below are some of the more popular options for mounting your lights to the building. Our design team will help you select the style that provides the best functionality for your location.


Now that you’ve selected a shade and mounting options, let select the color.  Our gooseneck lamps are powder coated to protect the lamp from weathering.  In addition to our standard colors, we also offer upgraded finishes /metals such as bronze, copper, and copper patina (aged copper). These upgraded finishes will help make your sign POP and draw attention to your business.


Now that the basics are covered let’s look at some accessories that will make your lamps stand out from the crowd.  In some cases, the accessories may actually be required by city code.  Our design and sales teams are aware of these special cases and will point these cases out to you.

  • Swivel Knuckles:
    • Used to pivot the shade to where you need the light
    • Increases the amount of light that is broadcast on the sign
    • Required for Angle and Emblem shades
  • Energy Conservation:
    • Dimmers – Adjust the intensity of the light, used primarily indoors
    • Photo Sensors – Turns lights on/off automatically at dusk /dawn
    • Photo Sensors are required in the city of Seattle
  • Guards:
    • Hides lighting components and protects them from breakage
    • Wire guards are best for indoor lamps/shades
    • Guards should always be used with Warehouse and other shades that allow the bulbs to be accessible or seen by the public

Lamps – Color Temperature

For exterior lighting we use lamps that are similar to natural sunlight, something in the 5000-6500K range, often referred to as Daylight lamps.  Soft and Bright White lamps are for indoor lighting and are not addressed in this article. 

  • Daylight:
    • Close approximation to natural sunlight
    • Recommended for outdoor lights
    • Indoors: For reading and detailed work areas

Types of Bulbs

We use incandescent bulbs as our standard lamping option.  However, each of our shades can be upgraded to compact fluorescent, LED or HID bulbs.  (Our illuminated signs are equipped with LED lights.)  Each shade has a required bulb wattage and will be matched when you place your order with us.  Smaller shades required lower wattages and will have lower light emittance.  Whereas the larger shades can accept bulbs up to 200W.

  • Standard Medium E-26 Base:
    • Standard option with our Gooseneck lamps
    • No driver required
  • Compact Fluorescent Lighting GU-24 Base:
    • Accepts 2-Pin CFL bulbs
    • High-efficiency lighting required in California on all residential remodels and new construction.
    • 23W CFL = 100W INC
    • Includes driver
  • LED System Options:
    • lumen output
    • color temperature
    • wiring (120v/277)
  • High-Intensity Discharge
    • Metal Halide – Projects a brighter, whiter light
    • High-Pressure Sodium – Projects a warmer yellow light