Triguard Pest Control is located in Renton, WA. Their company is dedicated to getting pests out and keeping them out. With the nature of their business, the company owns fleet vehicles to drive to each customer’s location. The recent acquisition of 6 new fleet vehicles meant it was time for them to brand the new cars.

Shine On Signs and Graphics worked with Triguard to quickly and seamlessly add new fleet graphics. The new design for Triguard’s vehicles utilizes the largest part of the vehicle, the sides, to display their logo. Under their logo the tagline lets clients know exactly what their business can provide. A phone number was added on both sides and the back of the vehicle, which allows any potential customer to easily find the number and call them for inquiries.

From their website “Triguard was created to fill a need that we saw with customers. So many times customers hire a pest control company and the service they receive is lacking. We want customers to look at our service and feel they got more than they paid for. Our staff is like family, and this environment helps them treat each customer like family as well.”

Common questions about vehicle wraps:

How long will the wrap stay on the vehicle?

A wrap can stay on your vehicle approximately three to four years depending on the care that it is given during that time, and the material selected.  We highly recommend that the wrap is replaced every three years to maintain high brand appearance.  Wraps that are on the vehicle for longer than five years, tend to become “permanent” and extremely hard to remove.

Can you wrap leased vehicles?

Yes.  There are no restrictions to wrapping a leased vehicle as the material can be removed.

How do I care for my wrapped vehicle?

It is recommended your vehicle be hand–washed.  Automatic car washes can damage the wrap.  Major media manufacturers such as 3M do not recommend that any wax be applied to the material in any form.