Wall murals can brighten or add a professional appearance to any space. But did you know they can now add texture and depth? Shine On Signs and Graphics is excited to now offer clear overlaminate films designed to emboss your mural.

The examples below depict the various textures offered and can be applied on any printed pattern making your options endless. Each example has been placed over a black vinyl to display the unique texture of the embossed overlaminate. This new overlaminate comes in a variety of textures from classic linen, knit, white fur, riverbed, plaster, matte, ultra-matte, and luster.

Not only do these special overlaminates enhance your wall graphics, but they also have the added benefit of protecting your graphics. The embossed laminated provide additional protection against potential scuffs or scratches that occur over time as well as UV damage from the sun.

Cleaning is a breeze and only require a mild house cleaner. The cleaner should be non-abrasive and should not include solvents. For best results, we specifically recommend cleaners with a pH value between the range of 3 to 11. Once the graphics have been cleaned simply rinse or wipe away the cleaner with water to keep them looking bright and new.

Click HERE to see additional samples of embossed laminate with printed backgrounds.

Interested in learning more about how embossed overlaminates can elevate your brand? Contact us today by phone at 253.243.7777 email us at info@pugetsoundsigns.com or fill out our easy to use form and one of our dedicated staff members will contact you today.