Look up. Does your building have fluorescent lights scattered around the ceiling?  They may get the job done, but they are not particularly attractive to look at wouldn’t you say?  What if there was a way to give those lights a makeover?  How about something whimsical and fun, or soothing and relaxing?  Using Decorative Light Cover Panels, you can spruce up your space for relatively low cost.

Who can benefit from Decorative Light Covers?

Dentists & orthodontist:

What better place to add some fun splash of color for your clients?  Kids will love it and adults will appreciate not having to look at the boring ceiling while they get their teeth cleaned and fixed.  It’s a simple way to add creativity and individuality to your patient rooms.

Doctors exam room:

Similar to the dentist, have you ever visited the doctor and while you sit in the exam room, you just stare around blankly waiting?  Why not add a bit of pizzazz to the room? Pediatricians especially could cheer up their clients with a little fun using a light cover.

Spas, massage parlors, nail & hair salons:

All of these places try to create an environment that relaxes the clients.  At the same time, the clients are sitting or laying down doing nothing for extended periods of time.  Decorative light covers can be used to help set a tranquil mood, reduce the harsh fluorescent lighting, and provide a unique environment for your patrons.

Thanks to the low cost of light cover panels, you can change out the scenes fairly easily.  It’s as simple as changing a light bulb.  The unique vinyl application allows light to get through while lighting up the image for everyone to see.  Depending on the colors and design of the cover, you can control the amount of light that gets through.

What if you don’t have fluorescent lights, but still like the look?

We have just the solution for you- LED light boxes!  LED light boxes, and LED edge-lit acrylic panels, can act just like the light panels, however, you can put them on any wall you want.  All they need is a power source.

LED light boxes provide extra lighting to any space without the need to place lamps.  With custom sizing, you can decide how much light and imagery is needed.  On top of the light that is generated by the light box, you can place images on top of it.  These can be used for advertising or decoration depending on what your space needs.  Create ambiance for restaurants, spas, and entertainment areas, or place advertising for retail business or services.  These are a great alternative to ceiling light panels.

Decorative light cover panels and LED light boxes offer versatility, flexibility, and changeability for lighting solutions.  At a minimum, you have updated your space with eye-catching light sources.  At best, you have captured the attention of your patrons for advertising, content, enjoyment, or awe. Contact Shine On Signs to find out the right solution for your space.