With so many different materials cluttering the market, it can be mind-boggling trying to figure out which product is best for your signage needs. Signs are an essential part of life; they help us navigate, and they influence our actions and choices. While most pass by signs without a second thought, we are all heavily influenced by the message each sign conveys. Design and text are important, but just as important are the materials you use to display that information.

It’s no secret that humans processed images 60,000 times faster than text. A picture is worth a thousand words, right?

For the same reason you would invest in the perfect materials used to build your house, it’s important to invest in the appropriate resources for your sign. What you display for others influences their opinion of your business in a fraction of a second.

So you have your design, logo, and slogan determined. Where do you start with materials?

No worries if you’re not sure. Shine On Signs is the expert in signage, and we are fully qualified to suggest the right product and materials for your dream sign. In some of the next few posts, we’ll break it down for you based on sign type and optimum manufacturing supplies!

First, let’s begin with post signs. Post signs are great for monuments, directional signage, real estate, street signs, business park signs, wayfinding, and any other sign type that can be held up with a post.

There are a few different options for the post component of a post and panel sign, some which you may be familiar with. While there are many opportunities for customization in a post sign, the most commonly used are wood, square, u-channel, and tube.


A wood post is usually made of redwood or a softer treated wood. Most average 4”x4” but can be larger. A benefit to using wood is the ability to customize the shape and design. A wood post does not need to maintain its rectangular shape, so it can be carved with a beautiful filigree design, sport a decorative finial, and more. A design like this makes the post an accent to the sign rather than merely a tool to hold it up.


A tube post is a cost-friendly, hollow aluminum or steel cylinder which allows for mounting the sign in any direction. Most tube posts do not have holes for mounting the sign face, so these types of posts usually necessitate the use of additional hardware.


U-channel posts have holes pre-drilled, approximately one inch apart down the center of the post. This is a great option for temporary signs, like those used for construction projects, as they’re low cost, lightweight, and easy to drive into the ground. They are unable to hold as much weight as a square post or tube post.


Square posts, like the U-Channel posts, have pre-drilled holes down each side and are square in shape. Square posts are great for street signs, as signs can be mounted on all four sides. This type of post can be made stronger by inserting another, smaller post inside. This is called a telescoping post. While more expensive, square posts hold more weight than any of the previous and are easiest to replace when using the telescoping method.