What is the Americans with Disabilities Act?

The Americans with Disabilities Act is a set of standards created in 1990 to provide accommodation for everyone in publicly accessible spaces, with no discrimination to those with disabilities.

It is highly important that your building signs are compliant for two reasons:

  1. You’ll see hefty fines and court fees if you’re not, and
  2. You want to provide convenience to your visitors, so they can maneuver through your structure with ease.

What is the ADA code?

In short, any permanent space in a publicly accessible building must be identified with a sign. Signs must include braille and raised lettering which is light against a dark background, or vice versa.

A permanent room is any room with equipment that is not easily moved and will not change without significant alteration, like stairwells, lavatories or kitchens. These rooms must be labeled by name.

Rooms with purposes that may easily change, including offices or cubicles, require a numerical sign at minimum.

There are many specifications regarding the height, dimension, color, and placement of the signs as well as the construction and installation of the sign.

Do all signs need to be ADA compliant?

Several sign types are exempt from ADA regulations. This includes any temporary signs (in use for no more than 7 days) directories, company name or logo, menu boards, occupant names, seat and row designations for assembly areas, and signs in parking lots or garages (except handicap accessible parking space signs.)

Do my ADA signs have to be boring?

Not at all! There are endless ways to customize your ADA signs to maintain your brand and aesthetic.

While there are many facets of ADA code which are not specified, (such as the level of contrast between text and its background,)

The bottom line is this: your signs follow this code to ensure visitors of all abilities can move freely and easily through your space. It is nothing short of essential to keep the intent of ADA regulations in mind when designing your signs.

Not to worry! We at Shine On Signs are dedicated to creating signs that are not only beautiful and functional but accommodating to all.

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