It is a simple fact that signs draw people’s attention. A lighted sign will help your customers to find your location, attract potential new customers, and make your business location memorable.

Illuminated channel letter signs can be big or small and can be created using your existing logo and company name in a style that matches your branding perfectly. Here at Shine on Signs and Graphics, we would never ask you to give up the look that makes you “you.” We understand how vital your branding is.

Illuminated channel letter signs are placed on the outside of a business and allow your customers to find you day or night. We have made illuminated channel letter signs for a number of different companies, including Crescent Kitchen, Nala’s Mane, and Elegante Jewelry Mfg and Loan.

Illuminated channel letter signs are an excellent choice when your business operates during the day and the evening. Sometimes, an illuminated channel letter sign, even in the world of GPS, is the best way for a client to spot you.

Monument signs

There are many other outdoor signs we can create for your location. Monument signs are permanent signs that can look very stately. They are a smart choice for the entrance to a business park, throughout a school-university, and in front of a hospital. Our monument sign at Burnt Store Lakes is a prime example of what a monument sign can be.

Monument signs can list companies located in your business park or they can feature a screen to show videos, photos, and other information. Check out this gallery for monument sign examples and ideas.

Banner signs

Banners are versatile signs that work well inside or out. They make a great temporary sign choice both for versatility and cost. They can be created in any size as well hung almost anywhere, even somewhere as simple as a chain link fence.

Post and pole signs

Post and pole signs can be placed in almost any outdoor location and do not take up much space,  but they do get people’s attention.

Call us today and see what kind of external signs we can create for you. You can reach us by calling 253-243-777 or by emailing us at