Renton, WA New business Custom Signs and Vehicle Decals, Graphics, and Illuminated Channel Letters

Opening a new business can be quite a hassle. Making sure your business is up and ready for the GRAND OPENING can be frustrating, and even more when it comes to making sure your business has the proper advisement. It’s vital to start attracting customers even before the grand opening. Remember… GET SEEN! While you’re busy hiring personnel, applying for business permits you probably forgot one of the most important features… SIGNAGE!!

So why is signage so important? Signage can help reinforce your brand and bring attention to the customer. According to a survey conducted by the Economic Center, the University of Cincinnati, 76% of consumers have entered a store or business they have never visited before because of the signage. Imagine the impact that could be on your brand-new business. Making sure your sign is eye-catching and high-quality assures your clients that the product they are purchasing is nothing but the best.

Illuminated building signs are some of the most common signage. This usually looks elegant and beautiful. Illuminated channel letters help your business stand out and make your location memorable.

Some of the most eye-catching signage is monument signs. Monument signs can be seen from hundreds of feet away. They give out an authority vibe and show your presence.

A-boards are quite beneficial to new businesses not only are they economical and easy to install, but they can also be used for more than one audience. The board can be switched out easily. A-boards come in different sizes, shapes and for different weather conditions. (This is a plus especially with Washington’s bipolar weather) If your business is located near a busy sidewalk these are the signs for you!

Not all new businesses require an office that’s why it’s important to advertise your business on the go! If you’re on the road most of the day, vehicle wrap and decals are the way to go! According to K5 NEWS, the average Washingtonian spends six days out of the year sitting in traffic. That’s an insane amount of time. Instead of wasting six days a year sitting in traffic consider 6 days sitting in traffic advertising your business!

Food for thought.

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