If you look closely at your surrounding you’ll notice that there are items that immediately catch your attention or maybe you have a short attention span. Either way the bigger the item the more attention it draws. That’s probably why the girls prefer a bigger diamond.

So if bigger is better, when it comes to signage what would attract the most attention? Well, there are several options. For starters, the monument sign is rather popular. The monument sign is usually close to the ground but can provide a tremendous amount of advertisement. These can come in different materials or colors, so it’s easy to design something that matches your logo or taste. Monument signs can stand through any weather. Whether it’s rainy days, snow days or sunny days your monument sign will survive the seasons. Monument signs also provide the company with a sense of presence. Letting everyone where you are located.
Remember that advertisement is vital to your business, so investing in such a powerful sign is necessary. The next best thing is the pylon sign. Pylon signs can be seen miles away they are large signs that are usually on a 20 ft pole. These are also weather-resistant and can be designed for your style.

Bigger is better, don’t let them tell you otherwise. Want the max advertisement for your money? Contact us at 253-243-7777 or info@pugetsoundsigns.com.