M87 Trade Show Banner and Table Throw

The beginning of the year is when you may be deciding which trade shows to invest your time and money in as part of your advertising budget. Trade shows are a great way to get your company out there in front of hundreds of potential customers. If your booth needs a bit of updating, the designers here at Shine On Signs are ready to help you stand out.
Trade show booths, like most things, have their own trends. For 2020, make sure your booth is on point with some of these trendy tips.

You can use reclaimed wood, plant walls and garden furniture. Of course, if that seems too unwieldy to move in and out of a trade show hall, no worries! You can get floor vinyl printed in faux stone, wood or concrete, as can you with the wall displays. Printed flooring has the bonus of adding cohesiveness to large booths, and making small booths appear larger. Add a couple hanging flowers or succulents, and you have built a stand-out booth that will instantly relax those visiting it.

Advanced Technical Services Retractable Banner

Going to a trade show is exhausting! If you make a space with some soft furnishings and a charging station for visitors to use, they will hang around long enough for your salespeople to have a nice long chat with them. Use ½ walls or even make an enclosed meeting space for visitors to rest or a private area to speak with your best customers.

Appeal on an emotional level with your target audience (for example: the feeling of nostalgia). You want to create a different world and transport your visitors. Some fun ways to do that are contrasting visual elements, having different shaped booths, have photo op walls, cutouts and backdrops. Backdrops are inexpensive, so change them out from show to show to keep things fresh.

Most businesses just focus on the visual, but your potential customers have five senses! Consider using interactive displays, touch screens or sound responsive lighting. Sneak some scent and gamification in there, and your booth will stick in all your visitor’s minds.


The biggest new thing in trade show booths just may be Virtual Reality. You can access it at many price points, it is interactive, and it shows that your brand is at the forefront of your field. Some other trending tech is seamless LED panel videos, multi-touch video walls, animated displays and projection mapping. Just remember, if you choose to add in some cool tech, your booth should still be “human-centric”. The experience should be comfortable, intuitive and engaging.

No matter what trends you try out in your trade show booth this year, don’t forget the fundamentals: Make sure your sales staff is communicating your message clearly and effectively. Also, have a follow up plan as soon as a potential customer leaves your booth. If you are nurturing your new contacts via post-show follow ups, then all your hard work will pay off.