Listed below are a few of the substrate materials that can be used to make your custom sign. Each material has its own unique benefits from a strength, reliability, durability and cost standpoint.  With our advanced manufacturing processes, we are able to produce, with precision, your custom sign out of any of these materials.  Whether your sign is targeted for a short life cycle (political board) or more permanent (monument sign).  The end result will be a sign that will leave a lasting impression with your customers.  Feel free to contact our sales or design team who can provide you with additional assistance in selecting the right substrate material for your application at 253.243.7777 by email at or fill out our contact form.    

NU-ALUM – Plywood core material with a smooth aluminum face on one or both sides.  Durable substrate that can be used outdoors if the edges are sealed and/or capped to prevent water damage.




ALUMA CORE- A composite material made from a corrugated inner core with aluminum facing on both sides.  A lightweight, though less durable, alternative to Nu-Alum or Dibond. We commonly use Aluma-Core for long-term lawn signs, building signs, fence- or post-mounted signs, sales kiosks, and more. This product that can be used between two 4×4 posts and not bend with the wind nor degrade in the weather.



 PLEXIGLAS & ACRYLICS – An extremely versatile substrates that can be used in many applications. They’re perfect for modern lobby displays, backlit signs of all types, 3D lettering, and more.  We commonly use this material in health clubs & offices.




FOAM CORE – Is a soft, inexpensive product that has a foam core with paper faces.  Used for interior signage, primarily for short-term purposes.  Lightweight though not very durable. Used mainly for illuminated sign faces and interior applications such as medium term office displays, kiosks, POP, easel signs, and temporary signs.




 SINTRA – A flexible PVC foam plastic material that comes in a variety of thicknesses and colors. It is rigid and durable, yet lightweight.  Best for interior applications, though it can be used in certain outdoor applications.  Excellent material to use for routed lettering. We routinely use Sintra for menu boards, point of purchase, and tradeshow directional.




 COROPLAST (COR-X) – Similar in appearance to cardboard but made out of plastic.  Lightweight and low cost, excellent for temporary or short-term uses.  Commonly used for election signs, sales, real estate signs or directional signage. If used with an opaque corex then we can print on both sides with no bleed through between sides.  These are commonly considered as disposable signs due to their short lifespan, which aligns with the short-term nature of the business need.



 ALUMINUM – Available in various thicknesses, finished or unfinished.  Used extensively for traffic control and directional signage application. Aluminum is ideal material for long term to permanent use signage.  You see Aluminum signs daily for traffic, parking lots, parts, permanent real-estate and other long-term outdoor sign applications.




 WOOD – Natural or stained wood makes a rich base for a sign or it can be router cut into custom shapes or letters.  Best used for interior applications directional signage applications




DIBOND (POLYMETAL or ACM) – Features a solid polyethylene plastic core with aluminum facing on both sides.  Excellent durability and lighter weight than other sign boards. Commonly used for mid to long term outdoor signs.  It makes for a wonderful Post and Rail or wall sign.




STYRENE – A thin, lightweight, flexible plastic material.  Primarily used for interior projects.  Excellent for displays or when mounting to a contoured surface. Applications: Posters and Retail Displays.




MAGNETS – Rubberized magnetic material is used primarily for removable car signs but also works well in for any application to a metal surface where easy removal or repositioning is desired (such as on pallet racking).  Applications: business cards, fridge and promotional magnets.




Fiberglass Reinforced Plywood Fiberboard can be used where larger than a 4×8 substrate is needed. The fiberglass faces provide long-lasting outdoor durability. Fiberboard can be fabricated to almost any size




Polystyrene / Styreneoffers a consistent matte surface for either one or two sided printing applications. This polystyrene product, available in HIPS sheet or roll stock form, is especially suitable for digital printing of displays, POP graphics, signs, trans-lights, tags and cards but should be used primarily for interior applications with a short shelf life.




Lexan / Polycarbonate comes in translucent white or clear for use in sign faces on backlit signs. It can be cut too many sizes and is a very flexible material.  It is a brittle material that can crack or break with impact, however, replacement of the sign face is typically lower cost than replacing other more permanent signs.






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